Can you survive for 3000 seconds!

Can you survive 3000 seconds!
Pixel art! simple! unkind! An omnidirectional shooting game with a nostalgic atmosphere.

The rules are simple! Survive one stage for 30 seconds! Collect points,

Aim to clear all 100 stages by leveling up players and purchasing new aircraft.

Nostalgic and difficult

Simple but difficult


How to survive for 3000 seconds?

​Train your favorite aircraft and aim for clearness!


Play for the time being

At first it is very poor. First, play to defeat the enemy and accumulate experience points.


Unlock the aircraft

Unlock the aircraft with the accumulated experience values. Let's identify the characteristics of each and find a favorite.


Power up

Let's improve each parameter and make the battle more advantageous.


Title screen description

  1. Player Select​

  2. Player parameters Physical strength

  3. Player parameters Shot power

  4. Player parameter number of shots

  5. Player parameter point attraction

  6. Physical strength up

  7. Shot power up

  8. Shot number up

  9. Point suction power up

  10. ​Total points earned

  11. Start playing

  12. Best score

  13. Number of resets

  14. Reset (valid only when all models/parameters are unlocked)


Play screen explanation

  1. Player

  2. HP/ Bomb number up gauge

  3. enemy

  4. Remaining time on stage

  5. Number of stages

  6. Number of points earned

  7. Player movement controller

  8. Controller for players

  9. Bomb number


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privacy policy

ALIVE360 (hereinafter this application) does not provide any personally identifiable information to third parties. Pay close attention to the management of personal information and handle it as described below.

When using

・Game data

Depending on the game play, the total earned experience value, maximum score (number of clears, earned experience value), and item release status are saved, but the save destination is only in the terminal, and the function to send to the server or other terminals by communication There is no.

During support

This application has a function to send your opinion anonymously. At this time, device information such as OS version, mobile/tablet model, app version, etc. is sent anonymously to help solve the problem.

Data analysis

In order to improve the convenience of the app, this app anonymously pays close attention to the extent to which an individual cannot be identified and analyzes the access. For example, when an app crashes, we send anonymously what part it crashed in, which helps us to quickly fix the bug.

In addition, we analyze the usage rate of devices and application versions, usage rates of specific functions, etc., and use them to improve applications.